Bigpoint reveal the latest character in their science fiction MOBA game, Shards of War. Pulsar, the nineteenth Sentinel to be introduced,

Shards of War. Pulsar, the nineteenth Sentinel is an attack character that can unleash blasts of stellar energy which, when charged to full damage and range, will surprise even the most hardened of enemies.
Distorting reality one blast at a time

The first thing you’ll notice about Pulsar is that it’s no ordinary Sentinel – it’s not even human. This ethereal cosmic guardian has just revealed itself to humanity and will destroy anything that attempts to stand against it and its quest to quell the chaos tearing the multiverse apart. Pulsar’s main skill, ‘λ‘, involves a pulsating charge mechanic where a piercing burst of energy is unleashed. The longer Pulsar charges it, the greater the blast will be in both range and damage.
This reality distorter’s ‘π’ skill will slow down and damage all enemies within the target area. The results will be especially effective against those unlucky enough to be located at the center of the distortion.
Every 10 seconds the next skill Pulsar uses will cost no energy at all. This is a passive skill, ‘Φ‘, meaning Pulsar is regularly recharged and ready for retribution.
By using the ‘Δ’ skill, Pulsar is able to bend space and time allowing it to evade enemy attacks and to set up its own cosmic barrage. This could be the ‘Ω’ skill which fragments reality sending out a powerful wave that damages the first enemy Sentinel it hits. Moments later, all enemies surrounding the initial target are also snared and receive damage.
Bursting with cosmic power

A cosmic guardian that has long kept watch over reality, Pulsar has been maintaining its vigil as worlds collide and slowly begin to crack. This strain has recently become more than Pulsar can take, the guardian making itself known to humanity by unleashing bursts of stellar energy, and joining the fight for Empire City, Meridian Gate, and the battlefields echoing in realities beyond.

About Shards of War

Shards of War is the world's first science fiction-oriented MOBA game and available via a free-to-play client version. It combines Teamplay with an intelligent strategy, character mastery as well as classic top-down shooter controls (WASD) provide action-packed PvP battles in a unique setting.

In Shards of War, two teams of five compete against each other in 20-minute matches, fighting for PvP dominance on the game map. The increasing number of characters currently measures 19 unique Sentinels, each specialized in a certain field: tank, operative, assassin or medic.

The objective of the rival team is to destroy the enemy headquarters by conquering and defending three different paths (Lanes). Each team is given AI-controlled drones to help them in their mission, shipped out by the headquarters to provide assistance. Both teams also may seize neutral drones in the map's central zone.

Experience points are given for taking down enemy drones, destroying defensive towers, completing missions as well as wiping out enemy players. These points enable individual players to unlock ability-increasing items and to determine which items will be used in a match from their stash of items (Loadout system). 

By leveling up one's own account, opportunities will be unlocked to players to hone their character and activate stronger items.
Key Features of Shards of War:

  • Traditional 5 vs. 5 PvP MOBA gameplay
  • Science-fiction based, unique setting
  • Intuitive top down shooter controls (WASD)
  • 19 unique playable characters, each with their own set of powerful skills
  • Action-packed intense 20-minute matches
  • Item upgrades and crafting
  • Loadout system (opportunity to choose from a pool of different items before the match)  

Further information can be found on the official homepage: