Next to EPIC, Ubisoft announced that it is giving away free games and in-game content for the rest of the week.

Until December 18 , PC gamers will have the opportunity to claim games and items for different titles. The only requirement is that participants must be 18 years or older and have a Ubisoft account. In this way, they can go to the event page to redeem the free content of each day, as well as the games. It is also possible to claim the content from the Ubisoft Connect desktop application or from the cell phone.

People who don't own any of the games where free items are offered can claim the content and it will be delivered to them once they purchase a copy of said game. Today, Ubisoft is giving away the Starlink game for PC. The company also notes that players will receive their content within seven days. Also, if they are redeeming an item pack, they will receive a confirmation email.