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  We review the PC style and graphics performance of Death Stranding game.

In summary, we can say that Death Stranding game is a cargo and life simulation with great graphic details. When you step into the world of Death Stranding, I can say much more or less of a journey on the edge of death. Death Stranding is not a new genre in terms of genre, and it is an action game developed by Kojima Productions and published by Sony Interactive Entertainment and 505 Games, adapting a very ambitious idea, action, adventure genre, and similar to Metal Gear Gear Solid V. have asynchronous multiplayer features where they can leave materials and messages for each other in the world

Death Stranding, named Kiralium, is dragging our civilization into a great collapse, when the material that is already in the lower layers of our world reaches a great density and finally opens the door to our world as a result of the explosions that occur. This substance, which causes the destruction of most of humanity, and the lost souls wandering around, that is, KVs, causes the generation.

Every living creature is a potential CV and every living creature that dies enters the process of necrosis after dying because it cannot cross over to the other side and becomes a CV. But if it is not cremated within 48 hours of death, the chiral density increases and "Time Waste" occurs. Zamanyıkım, which accelerates the flow of time for every object and organism it touches with the rain, spoils everything it touches. Apart from aging rains with the increase in chiral density, DMs that occur with rains become the biggest fear for people, while humanity is becoming an isolated society. There is no trace of America. All that is left is the "doomsday" who try to live alone in the fallen cities and shelters. Consequently, Bridges, the son of the American president. Our character Sam Porter Bridges is one of those who want to establish UCA, the United Cities of America, and keep civilization alive by connecting cities with Q-pid.

Being one of these heroic carriers, Sam, the "Öteci", assigned to meet the needs of people to hold on to life, to connect cities to each other, and to weave the networks of the new civilization. In other words, they are able to sense and perceive the KVs of the people around, the name Ötereci, which is given to people who are susceptible to the rheum caused by the explosion.

You feel very peaceful with the magnificent scenery you encounter and a song that starts playing right at that moment, while Sam Porter is on the back of his cargo, on the edge of a stream or gently gasping with his motorcycle, or trying to walk all the way to the waist on a mountain. Worked with Low Roar and many other artists. The scenes and music of the play are really delicious.

It is very easy to step on the loader base. You have a lot of weapon options, but plenty of grenades will do the trick. The game suggests that I go in hiding from KV areas, but it is better to dive, clear and pass the zones so that I am bored and action.

In short, the game offers plenty of action options and you enjoy the first few actions you enter, but then it all feels the same. I definitely expected better from Kojima, who made a series like Metal Gear, and although I am a Kojima fan, I have to say that he did not do a good job here.

I tested the game against the latest NVIDIA GeForce graphics card performance on the PC platform. The game is very successful in terms of graphic details. It makes an impression as if it is in a real world. But when you start the game, you cannot enter the action directly. We start the game by playing the character Sam at the beginning and jumping. Then we find ourselves in a cartoon series. It passes with a lot of talking and watching videos, which are quite long and boring. I got so bored at the end of 30 minutes that I finally quit the game.

But one of the things that makes this game enjoyable is that perfect open world. There are amazing quality images. If you have a video card with a GeForce RTX GPU, you can make good use of RTX and Nvidia DLSS 2.0 technologies. It means it can run at 1440p at over 100 fps in the game, or over 60 fps with 4K video. DLSS 2.0 is the latest technology of NVIDIA's AI Deep learning algorithm that increases frame rates while creating clear and sharp game images.

The game offers DLSS mode, performance and image quality. We can wholeheartedly recommend the quality mode, as the TAA is not suddenly applied and looks really good. Performance mode works fine, but here you are giving up image quality and this is visible. For example, a waterfall looks more blurred. So if you have an RTX card, I would recommend playing with the quality mode ON.

The game offers a variety of quality settings and modes. You can reach very good frame rates at the best possible settings even at the entry level to 1920x1080 resolution graphics cards. Visually, he finds little difference between normal and most complex mode settings.

Graphics memory usage may fluctuate depending on the game scene and activity in games. This game consumes graphics memory as you start moving inside the game, memory usage is dynamic and can change at any time. Usually a denser and more complex scene (for example, entering a scene with lots of buildings or vegetation) provides higher usage. With your close to the maximum "High" quality settings, this game tries to stay at the 5 ~ 6 GB threshold. I noticed that 4GB graphics cards may have difficulty running the game in our settings.