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Sharkoon launches their SHARK ZONE H40 stereo gaming headset. The SHARK ZONE H40 Gaming Stereo Headset is illuminated by a yellow LED. It persuades with its padded, adjustable headband; lightweight design of only around 350 grams and generous, soft earpieces. 

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Two professional 50 mm premium speakers provide superior sound with penetrating bass and crystal clear highs. The H40 was specifically designed to meet the sound demands of gamers, so no game deciding details were overlooked. Through the ergonomically designed in-line controller, which is even sleeker on the SHARK ZONE designed connection cable for an easier hold, the volume and microphone mute function can be easily controlled. vitamin that works like viagra

The side-mounted microphone arm is fully customizable and is smoothly integrated into the design. With the microphone's LED indicator, the selected operating mode is displayed at all times. Is the microphone activated? As soon as it is activated, it is illuminated yellow. It's no longer necessary for gamers to check the status of the microphone by looking at the in-line controller; they can now fully concentrate on what is happening on the game.  peligros del uso de viagra

The SHARK ZONE H40 Gaming Stereo Headset connects via two gold-plated 3.5 mm stereo jacks, each for the microphone and headphones, as well as a gold-plated USB plug in SHARK ZONE design for the illuminating function. The 2.5 meter long cable also offers a lot of roaming ability for the gamer. Included is a useful transport bag to use for the next LAN party.

The Sharkoon SHARK ZONE H40 Gaming Stereo Headset is available for give or take 45 euros.

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