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We are reviewing OCZ Vector 180 SSD that in 480GB capasite. compare cialis prices

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After OCZ participated in Toshiba group, OCZ contunie to produce high quality, high performance products. Vector 180 series SSD take place of Vector 150 and they aim to high performance.

Before the details, Lets look at technical features; can young guys take viagra

OCZ Vector 180 series introduced in Computex last year and produced for Corparations and high-end home users. OCZ Vector 180 series sell in 180, 240, 256,480, 512 GB capacities and have Barefoot 3 controller and Toshiba NAND Flash in their hearts.

OCZ calls the power loss protection feature in Vector 180 'Power Failure Management Plus', or PFM+ for short. For cost reasons, OCZ didn't go with full power loss protection similar to enterprise SSDs and hence PFM+ is limited to offering protection for data-at-rest. In other words, PFM+ will protect data that has already been written to the NAND, but any and all user data that still sits in the DRAM buffer waiting to be written will be lost in case of a sudden power loss.  acquistare viagra generico italia

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