JONSBO is releasing a new test bench, the TB01  also supports bigger form factor motherboards like E-ATX / CEB / ATX / MicroATX / and Mini-ITX.

The drive bay can be equipped with 5.25-inch bay x3, 3.5-inch bay x4, 2.5-inch bay x2, the cooling fan can be equipped with 120 / 140mmx6 on the side, and the power supply unit can be equipped with PS2 or SFX. There are 7 expansion slots, and of course there is no limit to the size of the CPU cooler or graphics card.

The main body size is 350 mm in width, 447 mm in depth, and 323 mm in height. The chassis material is 0.8mm and 1mm thick steel, and the color is black only. The I / O port is equipped with USB3.0x1, USB Type-Cx1, and audio terminal x2.