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At CES AMD has been showing their new upcoming reference cooler to be bundled with their future products. It is called the Wraith and will be used for their processors and APUs based on Zen architecture.



The Wraith cooler has 80mm fan blades and is LED illuminated. Compared to their current reference coolers the new model is all about silence.

The Wraith would have 24% more surface area for the cooling fins opposed to the older D3. The CFM values have risen from 42 towards 56 ( a value for measured cubic airflow per minute).  By doing so this new cooler would not exceed 39 DBa measured at close range, that's a 11th compared to it's predecessor.

AMD also announced that Socket AM4 will be the socket for 14/16nm Zen processors and APUs, though we already knew that. It is now confirmed that Zen will be using DDR4 memory. The CPU developped under codename Summiy Ridge and the APU is developped under codename Bristal Ridge.

Back to the rumors: AMD FX-processors with Zen cores will be seated on the upcoming AM4 platform in the A series. The chips will be fabbed at a FinFET procedure that is 14 or 16nm depending where its fabbed. Recent infortmation have shown 4 and 8-core models to be released with a scalable architecture. The 8-core processor would get with 512KB L2 cache per core and 16 MB of L3 cache divded ontow two 8MB clusters for 2x 4 Core modules. So basically it's a scaled up version of the quad-core version.

The GCN based IGP will support HBM (stacked graphics memory) and DDR4. Zen resembles the 'Stars' core design that AMD launched with its Phenom series, but more powerful. The module design that you see on the APUs for example are not present here. Each 'cluster'; is its own core, and on an APU each cluster/module has two cores. So each core should be spicy in terms of performance in what seems to be a very parallel approach.