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With the F Silent Series comes the next generation of almost silent ARCTIC fans.

In its class the F Silent offers the largest airflow by margin and yet is quieter than any other fan in the roundup – the top choice for silent fans. There is no need to compromise case ventilation, even if noise is not an option.

The secret to this success? An innovative design done through computational fluidic dynamics with a motor developed in Germany. At low fan speed, the motor and bearing noise is key.  A new alloy/lubricant combination reduces friction, which not only lead to increased service life but most of all keeps the operating noise to a minimum.

That’s the perfect balance of quietness and performance!

QUICK FACTS F8/F9/F12 Silent Ultra Quiet Case Fan

  • Virtually Silent
  • Highest Airflow in its Class
  • New alloy/lubricant combination reduces friction
  • Fluid dynamic bearing extends service life

The F Silent Series is now available at ARCTIC and also at Amazon and Ebay.

MSRP F8 Silent: 4.49
MSRP F9 Silent: 4.99 £
MSRP F12 Silent: 5.99 £