Meet the Colorful I-Game Geforce RTX 3090 Neptune OC is price roughly 2000 USD.

Colorful I-Game Geforce RTX 3090 Neptune OC is equipped with an AIO (all in one) water cooling system, which dissipates heat via its 240mm dual radiator fitted with two 120 fans. The pump and heat sink has a contact plate made of copper and many micro-fins through which the liquid is pumped. The GPU, RAM, and power supply are cooled in this way. Colorful mentions a whopping 26 phases for power, which should be divided into 14 + 8 + 4. The factory clocks should be 1,395 MHz base and 1,755 MHz boost clock, which can be activated via a dual BIOS using a switch on the slot cover.

The water connections on the pump can be rotated 360 degrees. This should allow more flexibility during installation. Colorful always promises a temperature below 70 degrees in factory settings, despite a 370 watts TDP. The card os powered with three 8-pin connections.