On the ROG website they posted an entry called 'The Future of Gaming Laptops - A glimps'. Now nothing is confirmed, but that has to be Mobile Pascal.


And likely in some sort of SLI setup, or perhaps even external liquid cooled in the G series Notebooks? Anyhow they are showinng a score from 3DMark 11, topping even a Titan X and Radeon R9 295x2. Could there be a mobile GP104 based GPU after all in June/July ?


ROG is making such a leap as we speak, R&D has agreed to let us peek inside the secret labs to see what the future holds. Of the small bits of info we are allowed to disclose, we are already excited! What we can say is that one of the highlights from the lab is an overclockable gaming laptop that will rival even gaming desktops. We were told it is a concept machine and thus they are still in the process of making it even more powerful. The exclusive info about to be revealed is without overclocking but is already faster than any laptop on the planet (not including alternate futures or dimensions). Without overclocking this beast can score almost 21K (Performance) in 3DMark11, edging out even the mighty GTX Titan X in this benchmark!

nfortunately we are not allowed to reveal the specs, but we know you are very resourceful and capable of making good educated guesses! Overclocked performance on the latest benchmarks and specs will all come in due time