We are reviewing Shuttle the latest SH170R6 cube Barebone XPC.

Shuttle SH170R6 XPC based on a three-heatpipe cooling system, one 300W power supply and an updated motherboard which comes with the latest H170 chipset from Intel. We can install any Skylake processor with the single exception that we should not exceed the recommended TDP of 95W because of 300W psu.


Shuttle SH170R6 XPC have several expansion options are PCI-E x16 3.0 slot for mounting video cards (even dual slot configuration), one PCI-E x4 3.0 slot, and also one M.2 2280 along with a Mini-PCIe Half-Size slot. Optional accessories can be also add like the 3.5’’ to 2.5’’ adapter, the backpanel COM port adapter for RS232 serial interface, the WLN-C Wireless kit or change the PC63J 500W PSU which allows installation of even beefier video cards.


The Shuttle SH170R6 XPC system can be built with a clean cable management for optimal airflow and even if we do have one powerful K-series CPU like the i7-6700K, the cooling system will succeed to keep its temperatures at low. With the H170 chipset though we do not have chance to overclock, and shuttle says that not necessary to invest in a high speed DDR4 memory kit since the frequency will be limited to 2133MHz max.

Shuttle SH170R6 XPC motherboard support 1xPCIe X16, 1xPCIe X4, M.2 Sata SSD, 4 ea  SATA connections and 4x DDR4 2133Mhz memories. The others ;

(2) 4 Pin fan connector
(4) SATA 6.0 connector
(1) ATX main power (2*10)
(1) ATX main power (2*2)
(1) RS232 header
(1) Low Pin Count header
(1) Front USB3.0 header
(1) Front AUDIO header
(1) Front USB2.0 header
(1) 2x5 pin USB header  

The Shuttle SH170R6 XPC system have 1x HDMI v1.4, 2x DisplayPort v1.2, 6x USB 3.0, GigaBit LAN (RJ45), External Serial ATA (eSATA 6 Gb/s), and 7.1-ch Audio line-out (2x rear/front, bass/center, surround/back) Audio Line-in and a Clear CMOS button at the back panel. There are power supply and cooler fan egzost grill too.

We can use two 3.5’’ drives and one optical drive and with an adapter in Shuttle SH170R6 XPC system, we will be able to mount up to four 2.5’’ drives (HDDs or SSDs); additional storage or devices can be connected to the SH170R6 via the USB 2.0 and 3.0 ports, while video can be output from the HDMI 1.4 port or via the two DisplayPort connectors. If we use separate videocard then we will use its outputs.

Shuttle XPC features stable, cool, and silent operation so that SH170R6 XPC have own cooler system for that one of them is cpu cooler that use stock intel cpu coolers connection and its have a radiatör and 3 heat pipes

As a negative point, we only have to remind of the quite high temperatures we have obtained with our low-end Zotac GTX 750Ti video card while running the AIDA64 Stress Test for all the system.

Shuttle SH170R6 XPC cubes are designed to be quite durable and the added flexibility of replacing the motherboard with another Mini-ITX board from another manufacturer is really spot-on.

Before Shuttle SH170R6 tests, let's look at our test system;




I think that SHUTTLE SH170R6 get good results in all tests to H170 chipset and a mini ITX mobo. Surely, performance changing with pc components that we used. Processor performance is fine,and the same goes with the memory performance. I recommend at least 8GB memory and also mandatory an SSD. As you have noticed, SATA3 and M.2. units can be installed, Windows 10 the experience is very fast, the OS doesn't feel too slow and if its combined with a SATA3 or M.2 SSD storage unit everything will speed up the OS and your end-user experience.

Shuttle SH170R6 price-tag of 265 EURO, we receive a lot of value for money. Price-tag include a chassis, the 300W Bronze certified power supply, cpu cooler and the motherboard. We just need to insert a CPU, memory, storage units and maybe a grafic cards. We can use it like an office, internet or media pc. Or we can add a grafic cards that not need high power and then we play games  I can say that Shuttle SH170R6 XPC get 8DPC Golden Award with stabil, silent and good performance and elegant apperance.
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