ASUS announced on their Wi-Fi 6 dual-band router RT-AX68U, not to confuse with AC. It has a maximum transfer rate of 2,700 Mbps. Although it is an entry model, it supports AiMesh and can fill up the house signal combining it with other compatible routers.

If features a "Parental Control" that can restrict access sites for children, "Instant Guard" that allows secure access even when away from home by using an encrypted tunneling VPN function, "Ai Protection" that blocks access to unauthorized websites, etc. Equipped with the security function of. The network standard is IEEE 802.11a/b/g/n/ac ax, the band supports 2.4GHz and 5GHz, and the antenna is an external antenna x3. The processor is 1.8GHz dual-core, and the memory is equipped with 256MB flash memory and 512MB RAM.

The interface is Gigabit WANx1, Gigabit LANx4, USB3.0x1, USB2.0x1. The body weight is 630g. At this time, there are no sales announcements for this product and thus I do not have a price available just yet, but it should be a sub-100 USD product.