Apacer is excited to announce the biggest advancements in SO-DIMM history- NOX, the goddess of the night, symbolizes power and mysterious energy- DDR4 16GB SO-DIMM which is just on the market in summer 2015.


The unmatched NOX surpasses all others of its kind before and since. Not only speed but also power-saving efficiency in terms of outstanding performance is far beyond your imagination. It is perfect for gaming laptop, high-end business laptop, and high-performance mini system.

The one and only NOX DDR4 SO-DIMM so far is the highest capacity worldwide with only single one SO-DIMM memory module, and it comes equipped with total capacity of 64GB(16GBx4). NOX increases performance to fast open applications, run graphic-intensive games, or any other software. If you are a hardcore gamer, NOX delivers extremely fast and fluid game play in the highest possible quality.

According to Apacer, the Nox memory kits were designed by the company’s Z501 lab, which was established in early 2015 to develop high-end PC components, namely memory modules and solid-state drives.

Pricing of Apacer Nox memory modules with 16GB capacity is unknown and will be disclosed later this month. It is highly likely that Apacer will start to sell the 16GB products after Intel Corp. starts to sell its Core i7 processors for laptops with unlocked multiplier.

It should be noted that far not all laptops support four SO-DIMM memory modules.