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We are reviewing the most affordable Inno3D Twin X2 OC graphics card among the RTX 2060 Super graphics cards.

Inno3D is actually one of the brands that has been on the market for a long time, but because it has not been in the market for a long time in our country, it is one of the less known brands. The Inno3D RTX 2060 Super Twin X2 8GB graphics card has a simple and stylish design with gray and black colors. This card does not have any RGB lighting, but a model of the same card is sold with RGB lighting.

The Inno3D RTX 2060 Super Twin X2 8GB graphics card supports both DLSS and DLSS 2 technologies. It enables us to get higher FPS values without much loss of image quality in DLSS supported games, with some exceptions. Today, the list of DLSS supported games is not much, but this number is increasing.

RTX comes with Minecraft. Take a look at the game while RTX On and you can see how this classic world has changed. Witness in a whole new light.

By the way, let's not forget that we can easily use Nvidia's new RTX technology thanks to the Inno3D RTX 2060 Super Twin X2 8GB graphics card, which is affordable in its class. In Ray Tracing supported games, various reflections and shadows are processed almost real-time and offer us great quality images.

On the back of the Inno3D RTX 2060 Super Twin X2 8GB graphics card, there are 3 Displayport and 1 HDMI video output socket. Right on these sockets, there are grills where hot air is thrown away.

GPU: TU106-410-A1
Manufacturing Technology: 12 nm
Architecture: Turing
CUDA: 2176
Base Core Frequency: 1470 MHz
Boost Core Frequency: 1665 MHz
Memory Frequency: 14 Gbps GDDR6
Memory Bandwidth: 256 Bit
Amount of Memory (VRAM): 8 GB
Video Outputs: 3 DisplayPort 1.4, 1 HDMI 2.0b
Multiple Graphics Card Support: Not Available
Technologies: G-Sync, DX 12, Ray Tracing, DLSS 2
Power Connectors: 8-Pin
Power Consumption: 175W

Inno3D RTX 2060 Super Twin X2 8GB graphics card uses Micron GDDR6 memory chips as memory. In addition, 6-phase and 2-phase VRAM supply is provided for power support to the GPU.

RTX 2060 Super is a powerful GPU with 175W TDP. For this reason, the cooling must be good to get good performance from the card. For this reason, copper heat base and two heat pipes and 2 fans on the aluminum block are used in the card. On the back of the graphics card, there is a metal backplate in gray and black design.

Inno3D RTX 2060 Super graphics card cooling design has 3 copper heat pipes connected to the aluminum block and flattened on the GPU. 3 copper heat pipes carry the heat to the block consisting of aluminum leaves and this temperature is evacuated from the card with the help of fans. Max. Graphics card temperature. It manages to keep it at 75-76 degrees. The fan noise works a bit loud in games that will tire the graphics card, but it is not at a level that will disturb the user.