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We are reviewing Kubb PC that is dazzle with blue color and cube shape.


Kubb PC attract attention with mini sizes and dazzle blue color. It's give a new breath to the PC world with its design. Lets look at its technical features before tests.

  •   İntel Core i3-4010U 1.70 Ghz Dual Core 3 MB cpu (i5, i7 cpu prefer)
  •   Intel® HD Graphics 4400, on board grafic
  •   Apacer 128 GB msata SSD (we can add HDD/SDD separately to 1 TB)
  •   Apacer 4GB DDR3 1600 Mhz SO-DIMM memory (Maximum 16 GB)
  •   İntel motherboard
  •   Windows 8.1
  •   12cm x 12cm x 12cm sizes

Kubb PC have lots of color alternative and that we can easily setup decoration our room. I think that the interior architects can use Kubb PC with a model in home design.

There is no button or sochet on Kubb PC surface. It's have pure design and beauty.

All kind of stuff like USB sochets, Wi-Fi antens, power button and the others located back of Kubb PC. There are 2 ea USB 2.0, 2 ea USB 3.0, 1 ea Ethernet, 1 ea Mini HDMI, power button and power sochet.

Lets look at Kubb PC components and CPU-Z details;

We learned that Kub PC used İntel Core i3-4010U, 1.7Ghz dual core cpu that produced with 22nm technology . It's have 3MB L2 Cache memory and waste 15W power. But we cant change this cpu because Indeed we can prefer i5 or i7 cpu when we buy it.

There is no grafic card in Kubb PC. We can use on-board grafic gpu that is İntel HD Grafic 4400.  So that we can just make office works, internet and multimedia entertaiemnt. We cant play the newest game that is want high performans grafic cards.

Kubb PC used 4GB DDR3, 1600Mhz SO-DIMM Apacer brand memory. But there is a one slot for memory so we can add a one memory and can increase memory capasite to maximum 16gb. 

Kubb PC used Apacer brand 128GB mSata SSD. so that Kubb PC working great and steable, open/close times very short and there is no sound from normal sata hdd. But we can add a second hdd for photos, videos, and medias storage.