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 We are reviewing the Burst series 120GB SSD of the Patriot brand.

The Patriot Burst 120GB SSD is available in black and blue. It promises read / write speeds of up to 560/540 MBps and meets all the requirements of the end user for a fast data transfer when starting, shutting down, loading games or programs, copying a media file. SATA III standards and backward compatible with SATA II / I. 2.5 inches in size and 7 mm in height. The Patriot Burst, available at a competitive price of 120 / 240GB, is a good choice for your system upgrade. First of all, let's take a look at the technical specifications of the Patriot Burst 120GB SSD;

Phison S11 Series Controller
DRAM Cache: 32MB SDR DRAM Cache
Static and Dynamic Wear Level
Bad Sector Management
Low Power Management
Trim Support
Intelligent compression
MTBF: 2,000,000 Working Life
Sata 3 Connection
7 mm Thickness
120 GB Capacity
500 - 599 MB / s Reading Speed
500 - 600 MB / s Write Speed
24 Months Warranty Period

The box of the Patriot Burst 120GB SSD is in blue tones and the ssd transparent window is also visible. The contents of the box are quite plain. Only the user manual and SSD are included in the box.

On the back of the Patriot Burst 120GB SSD is a simple label with information about the product and 4 screw mounting bases. Likewise, there are 4 additional screw mounting bases on both sides.